The MTUR concept: "Meandering Through Unseen Realms" is a self-reflective acronym that describes the artist's attempt to objectively capture moments framed in time. Meandering: Sinuous. On the move. Never stagnant. Steady pushing. All seeing and free. Through: Traveling into new dimensions. Unseen: Perspectives. Personalities. Triumph, joy, pain and the mundane. Realms: Human stories. Events, occurrences and alternative histories.

EXHIBITIONS: Corcoran Gallery of Art, 2012:"Oshun."  Renaissance Hotel, Washington, D.C. : "Oshun."  Penn Camera, 2010: Into Infinity.” Corcoran College, White Walls 2012: "When I was Nineteen."

Twaina Jones earned a Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) in Photojournalism from the Corcoran School of Art + Design, with a minor in graphic and web design.